Team Manager Heidi Pirhonen

A True Supervisor Is There to Help and Listen

Heidi Pirhonen was looking for that extra challenge, and she got what she was looking for when she took on the role of the supervisor of C&S's dispute resolution line assistant team in August 2013. She also assists three lawyers, including the chairman of the board. Fifteen years ago, Heidi could not have imagined these changes.

Heidi was active in classical ballet and rhythmic gymnastics from her childhood until her twenties. That's when life threw her a curve ball: Heidi had to choose between a hip operation or quitting dance. The operation would have been too risky, so Heidi turned her life to a new direction. She chose law and enrolled at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences for a Bachelor in Business Administration (Law). Heidi also interned at a law firm during her studies.

After she graduated, Heidi spent six whirlwind years focusing on finance at two major law firms. The ever ambitious Heidi, however, craved new experiences, and when the position of assistant team supervisor opened at C&S, she decided to apply, and here she is now.

Heidi assists lawyers specialising in insolvency proceedings. With the downturn of the economy, Heidi's work has been very busy with drawn-out, challenging days. Heidi considers tight schedules her number one challenge.

'When you're on a tight schedule, you need to solve problems quickly and efficiently.' Everyone's in a hurry, so managing your work is a challenge.

Altogether, eight assistants call Heidi their supervisor, and Heidi strives to be easily approachable.

'The best part about my job is meeting new people and solving various problems. As a supervisor, I enjoy being there for others. I always strive to ease the assistants' workload with correct resourcing. Our team is very tight-knit, and everyone helps one another.'

She's definitely experienced the renowned C&S spirit.

'Everyone on our floor is very unreserved: we're all easily approachable and we get along great,' Heidi says with a smile.