‘We were welcomed with open arms in orientation, and I feel like that same warm spirit continued through to the end of my trainee period. My understanding of law and professional skills have grown throughout my traineeship.’


Versatile Opportunities for Students

We have a valuable and extensive relationship with universities and students. Our year-round trainee programmes are the most visible form of this relationship. By participating in our trainee programmes, you will get to experience what it’s like working in one of Finland's largest law firms. Many of our lawyers have started their careers as trainees.

Each of our trainee programmes is aimed at students at different stages of their studies. Read more about our trainee programmes and send in your application!

For further information, please contact Elina Kytömaa (Junior Trainees and Legal Tech Trainees), Essi Järvinen (Senior Trainees) or Riitta Vuorenvirta (KM Trainees and Trainee Assistants) .


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Junior Trainees

Junior trainees have a wide variety of tasks. Very often they can save the day with their timely help. If you are in the early stages of your legal studies, this could be the job for you. Junior trainees work in four-month periods.

KM Trainees

When you are at least halfway through your legal studies, you can apply for a trainee position in our Knowledge Management team. KM trainees are the researchers of our firm, carrying out diverse legal information retrievals to help our firm’s lawyers in their assignments. The KM trainee programme lasts for one year.

Legal Tech Trainees

Our legal tech trainees are responsible for using technological tools and guiding our personnel in legal technology related matters. Legal tech trainees work part time, usually two to three days a week, and the traineeship lasts one year.

Senior Trainees

Get a taste of a lawyer’s routine as a senior trainee. Senior trainees assist our lawyers, and their duties are very similar to those of a freshly graduated lawyer and work in four-month periods.

Trainee Assistants

Our trainee assistants either work directly with our lawyers, or act as an extra pair of hands for our assistants. Trainee assistants are usually students of commerce or business administration. This position is ideal for the work-practice component of a BBA. Trainee assistants usually work in 5–7 month periods.

Cooperation with Universities

In addition to our trainee programmes, we cooperate extensively with Finnish universities and with law faculties in particular. Our lawyers teach courses focused on practical working life and business law and give lectures in seminars and thesis groups. We also coach students in international moot court competitions.

We also have long-standing ties with student organisations. We are happy to participate in student events and we also sponsor excursions and host events in our office.


Tuomas Lehtinen and Elina Kytömaa

Student organisations representatives: