Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and medical technology help improve the quality of life for an increasing number of people. Medical treatments, instruments and aids are becoming more and more necessary as the population ages. The current trend is towards personalised medicines and technologies that, while highly effective, are expensive to develop. At the same time, large buyers are monitoring their costs, and changes to the distribution system for medicines are being debated.

The pharmaceuticals industry and the distribution of pharmaceuticals are guided by strict rules covering everything from R&D to marketing. The regulation of medical technology is also approaching that of the pharmaceuticals industry. When health and safety are at stake, it is vital to operate irreproachably.

We help pharmaceutical and medical technology companies secure their rights. We handle patent litigation and trials relating to authority decisions with years of experience. We have solid expertise in marketing law and procurement matters. The pharmacy industry is also one of our specialties, and we can provide pharmacies will full service in all legal matters.