Public Sector

The public sector in Finland is facing major challenges: the sustainability gap and the aging of Finland’s population. Solutions can be found in new operating models in which municipalities and the state produce services in cooperation with the private sector. For example, a municipality could build new infrastructure using the PPP model, in which a private operator is responsible for the investment and the municipality pays a use fee.

Good legal advice can ensure smooth public private cooperation. Regulations concerning state aid, public procurement and the openness of government have to be taken into account in all such joint projects. Alongside legislation, sustainable development requirements are becoming increasingly important, including from the perspective of financiers. Technology can be a powerful tool to streamline services, but requires that privacy and data security issues are taken into account. Decision making proceeds differently in the public sector is compared to the business world, and project communications need to comply with government openness requirements.

We are intimately familiar with the legal aspects of public services from the perspective of both the public sector and corporations and can help you build a strong foundation for cooperation.