Wholesale & Retail

The wholesale and retail sector serves everyone: every consumer and every company uses wholesale and retail services and has their own expectations for those services. Someone buying a new car wants a dazzling buying experience, whereas someone buying a week’s worth of groceries values quick basic service—both in store and online. Business customers on the other had want their needs to be anticipated and value close cooperation to support their operations.

Success also takes efficiency. This can be seen in the concentration and internationalisation of the sector as well as in the proliferation cooperation arrangements. Technology and data are increasingly being leveraged to find that efficiency. Companies are automating their logistics and are developing new service models guided by diverse data streams, for example, data collected from loyal customer programmes. Technology is even altering the deep structures of the sector as the EU’s digital internal markets are developing.

We know the legal issues facing the wholesalers and retailers, from traditionally important personnel issues to data protection and technology. We can also provide you with boutique services, for example, in contractual issues and cooperation arrangements.