Companies aiming to be profitable need to maintain a strong culture of integrity and a good business reputation.

Nurturing your organisation’s ability to successfully encounter unexpected situations and integrity challenges is a vital part of successful reputation risk management.

One of our priorities is to support you in the abolishment of disruptive hurdles such as siloed systems and organisations. We feel we have succeeded when your integrity risk factor has become an integral part of your management systems and responsible business conduct.

We have developed Compliance Management System containing the following elements:

  • Strategic planning
  • Organisational planning
  • Programme planning
  • Monitoring and improvements
  • Crisis containment
  • Investigations

We are also at home when conducting demanding internal investigations, both domestically and internationally. We produce independent findings and advice to help you foster your business in a sustainable manner, before any damage materialises or worsens.

Our holistic approach combines all the fields of compliance, such as competition, data protection, anti-bribery and fraud. We are known for our agility in advising and addressing compliance issues and integrity risk management challenges in changing business environments, and for successfully challenging existing patterns.