Mining & Natural Resources

Every mining project is unique, and calls for an understanding not only of regulatory issues, but also of the social context.

In mining industry projects, we provide legal advice from the exploration phase to the establishment of a mine and beyond. Our attorneys have a wide range of knowledge in the mining sector, which enables us to solve challenges relating to permitting, nature protection, relations with local people, and good employment agreements and benefit packages for your expat workers and their families. Our experts have solid experience in mining industry litigation and finance. Our insolvency team also has broad experience in the financial restructuring of mining companies.

We are well versed in the gravel and rock extraction industry, and have been involved in projects in different development stages relating to pure gravel extraction and rock quarry extraction. We also have experience with end-of-use landscaping requirements and re-activating sites that may have been dormant for decades.

  • City planning and land use
  • Land use agreements
  • Land lease agreements
  • Joint arrangement and easement agreements
  • Property formation and expropriation proceedings
  • Disputes and authority proceedings
  • Outsourcing projects