ESG and Corporate Sustainability

The regulatory framework of corporate sustainability is taking shape at a rapid pace. The norms of corporate sustainability and ESG issues have long been based on international standards that pioneering companies choose to comply with. Other companies will have to follow, as sustainability and ESG regulations concern companies of all sizes – either directly or indirectly.

The Corporate Sustainability Directive, when adopted and implemented, will establish a corporate sustainability due diligence duty for large companies. Accordingly, businesses will have to identify and mitigate the adverse impacts of their actions on human rights and the environment throughout their value chains. In addition, large companies will have to align their operations with the 1.5 °C target of the Paris Agreement. This means that such companies must reduce not only their own CO2 emissions but also the emissions of their entire value chain. The EU Taxonomy, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, the coming Green Claims Directive and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will change reporting, marketing and contract practices. Management liability issues can also emerge.

We support our clients, from large corporations to family-owned businesses, in their green and just transition projects and help them fulfil their social responsibility objectives and implement the ESG requirements in their corporate governance policies.

We integrate the know-how of our sustainability experts into projects across all services in our firm, particularly in assignments involving energy, the environment, marketing law, and corporate governance issues. Our experts can assist you in various areas:

We monitor the latest developments in ESG regulation for our clients and provide training in the legal aspects of corporate sustainability that is under continuous change. As a member of the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance, we are committed to support our clients with extensive legal services they need in their transition to net zero.



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