To maintain your competitive edge, you have to continually weigh what to do yourself and what to buy from outsourcing service providers. Making these kinds of decisions is easier with a partner who has a wide understanding of outsourcing.

We are intimately familiar with the features of outsourcing projects and the phases of tendering processes. We draft outsourcing agreements that are aligned with the specific goals of each outsourcing arrangement and support the day-to-day co-operation between the parties. Our firm's wide front of expertise means we can also solve and manage all outsourcing related legal issues relating to, e.g. transfers of business and possible employee transfers. In cross-border assignments, we take advantage of our extensive network to choose an outsourcing specialist who we know can help us exceed your expectations. We don't stop once the outsourcing agreement is written, but provide tools that enable our clients to plan their overall business and change their outsourcing strategy in the long term.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Industrial Outsourcing 
Castrén & Snellman focuses on large and complex private and public sector IT outsourcing and procurement projects, often with a cross-border element.
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