We Are the Forerunners of Demanding Legal Services.

Castrén & Snellman was founded in the late spring of 1888. Decades of supporting our clients’ success have enabled us to grow into a firm of over 300 people. We are based in Helsinki, and in other parts of the world we work with an extensive international network of law firms. We are a trusted advisor in mergers and acquisitions, disputes and other specialised fields of business law. Our mission is to help our clients build sustainable success stories.

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Castrén & Snellman is owned by a group of attorneys who work in the firm. Many of our partners began their careers in our firm as young lawyers, gained a solid experience of business law over the years, and followed our career path to eventually becoming partners. Other partners first proved themselves elsewhere, for example as in house counsel for corporations, before joining Castrén & Snellman.

Our firm operates on the true partnership model, in which all the partners work together for the good of the firm and to serve our clients. This means that our clients are always served by the expert best suited to the assignment.


All of our partners participate in the daily work of our firm. The example set by our partners is a key factor in the culture and atmosphere our firm has developed. For this reason, the attorneys chosen to be partners must not only possess excellent professional skills in their field, but must also have good cooperative skills and be able to guide our younger lawyers.

We have 32 partners, 11 of whom are women.

Management Group

Castrén & Snellman’s Management Group is responsible for the practical execution of the strategy, and for leading the development of our business to best support the work we do for our clients. Any of our employees may bring matters of importance for the firm to be discussed and decided in the meetings of the management group.

The members of the Management Group are Sakari Lukinmaa (Chair), Paula Aura, Kaisa Barkman, Oskari Gestrin, Anna Kuusniemi-Laine, Kalle Miettinen, Miika Pinomaa, Outi Ruohola, Jarno Tanhuanpää and Outi Tähtinen.

The Board

Our partners elect the members of the Board of Directors from amongst themselves.

The members of our Board of Directors are Carola Lindholm (Chair), Ilona Karppinen, Miika Pinomaa, Sakari Salonen, Jarno Tanhuanpää ja Outi Tähtinen.

Regulation and Supervision

Castrén & Snellman’s regulated lawyers are listed in the register maintained by the Finnish Bar Association. The professional title Asianajaja is granted in Finland. In Finland, only lawyers belonging to the Finnish Bar Association can use the title Asianajaja.

The legal profession is regulated by the Advocates Act (496/1958, as amended) and the By-laws and the Code of Conduct of the Finnish Bar Association, which are available at

The Finnish Bar Association monitors the activities of the lawyers it has registered and people working in firms of such lawyers. The Finnish Bar Association can be contacted at:

Finnish Bar Association
PO Box 194 (Simonkatu 12 B)
Tel. +358 (0)9 6866 120
Fax +358 (0)9 6866 1299

An advocate shall honestly and conscientiously fulfil the tasks entrusted to him and he shall, at all times, observe the rules of proper professional conduct for advocates.
Advocates Act section 5, subsection 1